Biocidal Products

We produce and handle environmental dossiers for the registration of biocidal active substances according to Directive 98/8/EC and the new Biocidal Products Regulation 528/2012 (BPR), which came into force on July 17, 2012, and establishes the regulatory requirements for Industry from September 1, 2013.

Our staff works according to the Regulation BPR, which, in addition to considering the need for registration of active substances and biocidal products, includes new developments such as a stricter criteria for the registration for a proposed use, the development and empowerment of substitution of dangerous substances by less dangerous and also incorporate the assessment of treated articles and nanomaterials.

Likewise, we develop and handle environmental dossiers for the national authorization and mutual recognition of biocidal products.


  • National authorisation:

The authorization of a biocidal product is carried out in accordance with Directive 98/8/EC and Regulation 528/2012 concerning the placing on the market of biocidal products. Depending on the active substances they contain, Annex V of the Directive included the types of biocidal products considered and their description. There were a total of 23 Types of Products or biocides (23 TP), that the new BPR reduces to 22TPs.

The environmental risk assessment of biocidal products is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the legislation described above and the current evaluation guidelines, taking into account the Spanish environmental conditions, by adapting the generic exposure scenarios to other specific national conditions.

  • Mutual recognition:

Consist in the authorization for the use of a biocidal product already authorized in another Member state, in accordance with Directive 98/8/EC and Regulation 528/2012.

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